AR pilot with Hololens 2 (Augmented Reality) and SCADA connection

By 12 March, 2021March 18th, 2021Successful projects - Mining

System capable of connecting in real time with SCADA through custom-developed communication interfaces. For said pilot and in conjunction with the Scada PcVue Solutions team, it was possible to carry out connectivity, extraction of values ​​and sending of commands in real time to the SCADA system. Thanks to this, it was possible to visualize data from said platform in the form of Augmented Reality. Additionally, the application is able to detect information by reading QR codes in the area where the user is. There is also the possibility of accessing the different remote monitoring systems through the buttons that are displayed on the AR platform designed for Hololens 2. This application is currently in the process of being evaluated in major mining companies in Chile.